Long form, clickbait, satire & branded.

Here are some of my articles.



I've written satire for a few online publications, but have had over 50 articles published on The Betoota Advocate. Writing under the name Louis Burke, at the time of joining I was the first paid contributing writer. 

Follow the link below to sample some of the best articles I've written during my time in the Western Queensland Channel Country. 



My experience in both advertising and writing gives me an edge when creating sponsored content. I am able to understand the brief quickly and my turnaround time is fast.

I've written sponsored content for clients such as Stan TV, RaveBOX, Unity College and more.

Visit the Creative tab for examples of my TV and online scripts. 


Long form

Writing should be deeply personal, which is why I have written about which Pete Twist is the best, my traumatic experience playing 'Home-Survivor' and why you should stop telling your co-workers they're going to get hit by a bus.